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Tug Life Tug Donut


£4.89 £6.99

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Tug Life Tug Donut
Tug Life Tug Donut
£4.89 £6.99

Tug Life Tuggy Donut Toys.
Ideal for motivation, Training and Exercise.

Tug games are physically & mentally tiring & are a great way to expend energy without needing loads of space.

Tug is a great reward & motivator whilst training, It makes a fantastic alternative to food based treats.

Includes internal squeaker.

Available in 2 sizes,:

Small Donut 6″ Wide approx with 10″ Handle.

Large Donut 8″ Wide Approx with 36″ Handle.

Colours may vary

Please supervise your pet when they are playing with toys and remove any damaged or worn toys immediately.

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