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Scoot & Toot Chew Bundle



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Scoot & Toot Chew Bundle
Scoot & Toot Chew Bundle

Our amazing Scoot & Toot Bundle features Scoot Stopper Chews & our newly launched Toot Stopper Chews – both formulated to maintain a healthy gut and digestion. With all-natural nutrients approved by veterinarians, these two work in tandemÖ

This bundle contains:

x1 – 60 chew tub of Scoot Stopper Chews

x1 – 60 chew tub of Toot Stopper Chews

1. Scoot Stopper Chews are tasty chicken and bacon flavour chews that help your dog naturally empty their anal glands by maintaining regular bowel movements.

2. Toot Stopper Chews are specially formulated to reduce your dog’s gas production and neutralise their unpleasant odours.

Suitable for all sizes and breeds

Helps maintain digestive health

Maintains firm, healthy stools

Helps reduce stinky farts and stool odour

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