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 Retractable Dog Leash

Editor choice Retractable Dog Leash

£11.43 £14.29

 Retractable Dog Leash
 Retractable Dog Leash
£11.43 £14.29

Device | 5 Metre Extendable Dog Lead

Does your dog love to roam free when on long walks? Animigo’s Retractable Dog Leash is ideal for you if your dog sometimes strays a bit too far for your liking. With a 5 metre retractable length and a 360-degree ergonomic, non-slip handle for tangle-free movement and a firm grip, your furry friend can run freely whilst being close to you at all times. What’s more, we’ve combined some of the most useful features in this no-frills, true-value leash that comes with a garbage storage box and collapsible dog bowl as a bonus! Try the Retractable Dog Leash today!

  • 5m long leash for freedom of movement
  • Collapsible bowl for water/food on the go
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle for a firm grip
  • Chew-resistant material
  • Free mode for easy back and forth movement
  • Quick lock & unlock feature for safety
  • With garbage storage box
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