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Reptile Terrarium Substrate Aspen Bedding 10 Litre


Suitable for Corn Snakes and Royal Pythons.

A popular substrate among snake owners, Aspen is highly absorbent, dust extracted and easy to clean. A completely biodegradable substrate from a sustainable, renewable source.

Pets At Home Reptile Terrarium Substrate Aspen Bedding 10L is made from 100% natural soft shredded wood designed specifically for snakes not requiring high humidity. It acts as an extremely absorbent bedding and will quickly soak up any waste or waters pillages.

Directions For Use:
-Spread evenly across the bottom of your terrarium to a depth of between 3 and 5cm;
-Spot clean daily and replace every 4 weeks, or sooner if required.

To avoid the danger of suffocation, please keep bags from babies, small children and pets.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 41 x 23 x 13cm

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