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Microclimate Ministat 100W On/Off Thermostat


Microclimate have been providing accurate and technologically advanced temperature control systems for over 30 years. They are always pushing the boundaries with product design and innovation. This is largely as all of the software and hardware is designed and manufactured in house at our factory in Wombourne. This has the great advantage that the hardware, software and manufacturing techniques all work in unison together and each product is designed from the ground up. From CAD Design, 3D Printing of prototypes, Software, Circuit board Design and Manufacturing the whole process is carried out in house.

Their production line uses high tech SMD placement machines that have multiple vision systems to scan each component before it is placed on the circuit board to ensure a high quality manufacturing process. Circuit boards are all inspected before being completed by hand by our highly trained staff.

Each product is individually tested before it is packed. This ensures every item goes through their strict quality control and not just batch tested.

Microclimate Ministat 100 is a British made thermostat that provides accurate temperature control of your vivarium. Ministat is a compact and mighty ON/OFF temperature control you can rely on. Compact and packed full of digital technology the Ministat ticks all the boxes as an affordable temperature control solution for your reptile. With it’s high quality digital processing combined with software developed and tested over many years ensures Microclimate are confident that the Ministat is a device you can trust.

– The Ministat series of thermostats are on/off style thermostats that give excellent value for money and reliability;
– The Ministat series have a tamper resistant dial which is unable to be knocked or changed accidentally by a child which could cause terrible results;
– Extremely easy to setup, simply connect your heater to the socket on the thermostat, position the sensor in the vivarium and set the temperature on the front of the thermostat;
Compatible with equipment up to 100w;
-Tamper resistant dial.

On/Off temperature control is suitable for all types of heaters due to a temperature swing either side of the set point. Heat LED – Please note this is not a power LED, this LED will only be illuminated when the thermostat is supplying power to the heater. When no power is required the LED will be off.
Warning do not overload your Ministat model by connecting heat sources with outputs greater than stated above for your specific model. Damage from overloading is exempt from guarantee. Ministat 100 maximum heater load = 100W. Secure any loose cables to keep out of reach of children and animals. Avoid contact with water, DO NOT immerse in water. Avoid potential electrocution DO NOT open casing or cut cables.
Dispose responsibly under WEEE Regulation for Monitoring and Controlling Equipment, please check with local authorities for further details.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 5 x 7.5 x 2.5cm

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