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LILY’S KITCHEN Organic Turkey PatÈ for Cats


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LILY’S KITCHEN Organic Turkey PatÈ for Cats
LILY’S KITCHEN Organic Turkey PatÈ for Cats
£1.35 £1.50

This recipe was previously called ‘Organic Turkey Dinner’ and if your cat still loves a smooth patÈ, but might prefer to tuck into Organic ingredients, then this is exactly what theyíre waiting for you to bring them.

A soft, smooth texture that makes them extra-lickable, our organic patÈs are packed full of proper meat and fish that cats canít help but get off the sofa for. Theyíll practically skip to the bowl when you pop this down – made from only organic, wholesome ingredients: freshly prepared turkey, pork, beef, fish and chicken , mixed with carrots, this recipe will shoot to the top of their favourites list.

And with no added sugars (unusual for cat food), these grain-free recipes are nutritionally complete – so theyíre not only delicious, theyíre the full package.

Organic ingredients
Made with Proper Meat And Fish
Natural Ingredients
Grain-free Recipes
No added Sugar
Complete & Balanced Recipe
Suitable for adult cats 4 months+

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