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i25 Internal Filter


The i25 Internal Filter by Marina is a compact yet powerful internal filter that easily clips onto the Marina goldfish aquariums or can fit any other goldfish or tropical tank with a capacity of up to 25 litres. This filter is quiet and secure, attaching to the tank interior with strong suction cups.

The i25 comes inclusive of 1 power cartridge which cleans the aquarium water using mechanical, chemical and biological filtration processes. The Marina i25 filter has an initial chamber containing zeolite media which removes toxic ammonia from the water. The second chamber contains carbon which removes pollutants and unwanted odours from the aquarium water.

Floating debris and waste is drawn into the filter inlet and trapped, all of which contribute towards clean, clearer water. Approximate Dimensions (Product): H20.5 x W8.5 x D8cm

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