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Happy Little Bird Wild Bird Seed 2.3kg


If you’re looking to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden then look no further, our Happy Little Bird range will help make your garden the ‘go to’ place for your feathered friends to feed.

This mixed bird seed offers a variety of seeds to attract a number of birds to your garden, also making it ideal for all year round feeding.

Suitable for Blackbirds, Blackcaps, Blue Tits, Bullfinches, Buntings, Chaffinches, Coal Tits, Collared Doves, Ducks, Dunnocks, Goldfinches, Great Tits, Greenfinches, House Sparrows, Long Tailed Tits, Nuthatches, Pigeons, Robins, Siskins, Song Thrushes, Starlings, Tree Creepers, Tree Sparrows, Warblers, Waxwings, Woodpeckers and Wrens.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 34 x 22 x 7cm

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