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Featherland Paradise Flex Ladder Bird Toy Small


Suitable for Cockatiels and Parrots. Featherland Paradise is the innovative leader in Bird Toys and Accessories. Our toys have a long history of using the highest quality natural materials, in unique, eye catching colours and arrangements that keep your birds engaged and mentally active.

Our toys help your bird exercise their natural instincts and habits while promoting interaction and play. Our Accessories Line of products are designed to be robust, chew resistant and easy to install, use and maintain. This bendable ladder challenges your bird’s sense of balance and adds variety to help end boredom.

A colourful outlet to develop muscle coordination, satisfy natural chewing urges, and encourage daily exercise. Bendable design allows you to attach it a number of ways: vertically, horizontally, or curved. Includes quick link attachments for easy hanging.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 68.58 x 11.43 x 1.27cm

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