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Exo Terra Night Heat Lamp 15w


Exo Terra has become the market leader for natural terrariums and herpetofauna because of our commitment to successful, continuous innovation. We turned a reptile cage into a terrarium by taking a natural approach to reptile and amphibian keeping. Exo Terra’s natural approach has created a tremendous evolution in the world of terrariums.

Our extensive product range-filtration, lighting, habitats, heating, nutrition, substrates and accessories-creates more naturalistic terrarium landscapes and makes reptile and amphibian keeping more exciting and satisfying than ever. All products and components are designed to work together, creating a harmonised natural-looking microhabitat. By combining the right Exo Terra products you can cater to almost any species from almost any specialised habitat.

The bulb simulates natural moonlight to allow nocturnal viewing without disturbing the animal’s day and night cycle. The light emitted is bluish due to the use of blue glass. The heat generated by the bulb is minimal but enough to provide tropical night time temperatures. The lower wattage of these bulbs does not interfere with natural night drops in temperature.

  • Moonlight lamp.
  • Simulates natural moonlight.
  • Perfect for nocturnal viewing.
  • Provides tropical night time temperatures.
  • Stimulates breeding behaviour in reptiles and amphibians.
  • Can be combined with Repti Glo or Sun Glo for a 24 hours cycle.
  • It is suitable for all reptiles and amphibians.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 3.5 x 14 x 3.5cm

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