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Exo Terra Natural Terrarium Black


Exo Terra has become the market leader for natural terrariums and herpetofauna because of our commitment to successful, continuous innovation. We turned a reptile cage into a terrarium by taking a natural approach to reptile and amphibian keeping. Exo Terra’s natural approach has created a tremendous evolution in the world of terrariums.

Our extensive product range filtration, lighting, habitats, heating, nutrition, substrates and accessories creates more naturalistic terrarium landscapes and makes reptile and amphibian keeping more exciting and satisfying than ever. All products and components are designed to work together, creating a harmonised natural-looking microhabitat. By combining the right Exo Terra products you can cater to almost any species from almost any specialised habitat. These low sizes are ideal for ground dwelling reptile and amphibians.

Especially desert reptile species benefit from these lower sizes as the ultraviolet and heat bulbs are even closer to the animal. The lower sizes are specially designed for desert set ups, since most desert species are ground dwellers and do not move vertically. Although very similar in shape and size as the aquarium type tanks, these versions have all the great features of the typical Exo Terra terrarium.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

30 x 45 x 45cm – H30 x W45 x D45cm
60 x 45 x 30cm – H30 x W60 x D45cm

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