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Exo Terra Dragon Grub for Adult Bearded Dragons 125g


Exo Terra has become the market leader for natural terrariums and herpetofauna because of their commitment to successful, continuous innovation. They turned a reptile “cage” into a “terrarium” by taking a natural approach to reptile and amphibian keeping, which has created a tremendous evolution in the world of terrariums. Their extensive product range-filtration, lighting, habitats, heating, nutrition, substrates and accessories – creates more naturalistic terrarium landscapes and makes reptile and amphibian keeping more exciting and satisfying than ever.

The Dragon Grub formula from Exo Terra is an enticing insect-based reptile food which features black soldier fly larvae that are not only tasty to your reptiles but are high in protein and very nutrient rich, with an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio. The diet also contains natural plant and fruit ingredients enriched with vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients to ensure a happy, healthy reptile. Using a unique and sustainable cultivation process, black soldier fly larvae are grown under controlled conditions as they feed off consumed fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, they are then dried and mixed with natural plant and fruit ingredients, essential amino acids, minerals and other trace nutrients to offer a nutritious daily diet. Suitable for agamid lizards and many other insect-eating reptiles.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 20.9 x 12.9 x 5.2cm

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