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Epona April Power Shower Sponge


£9.13 £10.99

Equine Products UK Ltd
Epona April Power Shower Sponge
Epona April Power Shower Sponge
£9.13 £10.99

Vacuum-packed and the colour of fresh rain, this sturdy sponge nestles into your hand as it drenches the horse in a soothing drip-less shower.

A poem by Stacey Epona: A bucket of water is all I require, to drench your horse like an April Shower. I retain my water, so with just a gentle squeeze, my water is released with the greatest of ease!

Product Benefits

Vacuum packed – expands when opened
Super absorbent
Less dribble
Sturdy, super-sized
Contoured grip
Quick dry

Size: 9″ x 4.” x 2.5″

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