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DOGZ Finefood Classic N∞ 2 – Beef


dogz finefood – species-appropriate delicatessen

Is there anything better than a satisfied and lively dog? In addition to your love and care, a species-appropriate diet also plays a major role in this. For the benefit of your dog, we developed a high-quality and balanced food based on a natural model: dogz finefood, a true pampering menu with a particularly delicious recipe. Our goal is the well-being and joy of your four-legged friend, because we love dogs.

And our social fur noses love to spend time with their familiar and loved ones. There is nothing better for your four-legged friend than to enjoy the closeness and safety of his pack and thus yours. Dogs seek protection and security in their human being, who means the world to them. We are only too happy to give this love back through cuddling, physical contact and playing together. A dog-friendly diet with a high-quality food is also part of it. we have tailored dogz finefood exactly to the needs and well-being of dogs.

We produce our popular and high-quality complete feed from fresh ingredients according to a delicious and digestible recipe. We only process high-quality meat, fish and dog-friendly offal. As carnivores, dogs mainly need animal protein for a species-appropriate diet. dogz finefood also contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that dogs need. Due to the gentle steam cooking, these ingredients are almost completely preserved. Due to its excellent quality and species-appropriate recipes, dogz finefood is ideal for nutrition-sensitive dogs. Of course, we refrain from molded meat and meat meal out of conviction, as fresh meat and offal provide high-quality nutrients. In addition, our excellent delicatessen is gluten-free and we do not use soy protein or cereals as cheap fillers or meat substitutes. We also dispense with sugar additives, attractants as well as artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, because a feed made from high-quality raw materials does not work. This is how we achieve the highest level of quality and safety. We produce dogz finefood free of animal testing and genetic engineering in Germany. So that you can be sure what you feed your four-legged friend, we declare all ingredients honestly and transparently. It’s all that says on it. So you can also choose the right menu for your nutrition-sensitive dog.

With six delicious varieties, your four-legged friend has the free choice to your favorite menu. What will be his favorite variety? We offer all from 100 g pouch to 200 g and 400 g cans to 800 g cans. So there is the right portion size for small and large dogs to always get fresh portions. Households with several fur noses can reach for the large 800 g can and avoid waste.

Pamper your fur nose in high quality and delicious with dog-friendly meals. dogz finefood – species-appropriate delicatessen

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