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Bunty Dog Collar & Lead – Leather Style

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The Bunty leather style dog collar and lead is made to withstand even the strongest of dogs. Soft backing makes the collar super comfortable on your dogs neck and lead comfy to hold. Strong metal buckle allows the collar to be adjusted for perfect fit. Metal d-ring makes it simple for attaching lead. Fully water repellent and will remain durable use after use.

Lead Size – 120cm – (2cm width).

Collar Circumference Size:

  • Large 38cm – 46cm – (2.5cm width)
  • Medium 32cm – 40cm – (2cm width)
  • Small 25cm – 33cm – (1.5cm width)

Introducing Bunty’s Leather Style Dog Collar and Lead, an epitome of comfort, durability, and style for your cherished canine companion. Designed with an aesthetically pleasing look and a luxurious feel, these pet accessories add an element of elegance to your dog’s overall appearance.

The dog collar is constructed with top-quality materials, simulating the sophistication and longevity of leather, minus the maintenance. It’s adjustable to accommodate various neck sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any breed. The accompanying lead boasts equal resilience, providing you with the much-needed assurance of control, especially when walking in crowded spaces or unfamiliar territories.

One of the standout features of Bunty’s Leather Style Dog Collar and Lead is the focus on pet comfort. The collar is designed to reduce strain and pressure, making it ideal even for the longest walks. The lead offers an ergonomic grip, making it comfortable for pet owners, even when your furry friend decides to tug or pull.

Quality meets style in these products, making them a chic choice for the modern dog owner. With their leather-like appeal, they make your pet look stylish, while the sturdy construction stands the test of time.

The Bunty Leather Style Dog Collar and Lead are more than just pet accessories. They’re a commitment to your pet’s comfort and safety, coupled with the timeless allure of leather style. Order now and experience the difference in your daily walks. Be assured of swift delivery and make your pet’s comfort a priority today.

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