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Coco Coir Fibre Brick 650g


Coco Coir Fibre Brick 650g by Monkfield is a natural 100% organic substrate for all reptiles.It is non toxic, odorless and completely harmless if ingested. As a dry substrate it is perfect for desert terrarium settings. Wet it down and it is now a tropical dwelling substrate. Coconut bedding will hold and maintain moisture better than any other bedding, and is great for incubation of eggs.

This exciting substrate is highly absorbant, making spot cleaning a breeze, thereby reducing cleanup time, and the used bedding can be safely composted into your garden. One brick of this coconut coir can hold upto 10 times its weight in water.

Material:Coir Fibre. Approximate Dimensions (Product): 65 x 10 x 20cm

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