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Catit Pixi Cat Water Fountain – Stainless Steel



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Catit Pixi Cat Water Fountain – Stainless Steel
Catit Pixi Cat Water Fountain – Stainless Steel

The Catit PIXI Fountain provides your cat with a continuous source of fresh, purified water. Running water can help encourage cats to drink more, which not only increases overall health but also helps to prevent urinary tract diseases.
This state-of-the-art drinking fountain not only looks adorable but has the technology to match. Featuring a three-stage filtration system which removes debris, odours and impurities and even softens tap water, the Catit PIXI Fountain is a great way to encourage your cat to stay healthy and hydrated.
PIXI’s nose also turns red to alert you when the water level is too low and will shut down automatically when the bowl is empty.
Hosting three different drinking options; calm flow, stream and bubbling top, the Catit PIXI Fountain will appeal to even the fussiest of cats!
The Catit PIXI Fountain is available in the following designs:
• Blue
• Pink
• Green
• Stainless steel
• White

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