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Cat Ball Track Play Tower



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Cat Ball Track Play Tower
Cat Ball Track Play Tower

This colourful Plastic Play Tower has been specially developed to satisfy your catís playing and hunting instincts. You will find removable balls arranged across four levels, which entice your cat to bite, prod and chase. The toy helps to increase your catís levels of activity as well as training its agility, intelligence and reactions.
Once they are set in motion with a curious paw, the colourful balls will speed around the Plastic Play Tower. Your cat will try to reach them through the openings at the side, with its paws or with its teeth. The balls will continue to move constantly and wonít let themselves be caught! The Trixie Plastic Play Tower is great for keeping your cat entertained for hours on end and helps prevent boredom, even when you are out of the house. This action-packed toy will help to pass many a happy hour and challenge your catís mind.

Trixie Plastic Play Tower at a glance:

Interactive cat toy
Animates: specially developed to activate hunting and playing instincts
Encourages activity and movement: the balls travel in circles around the three levels and encourage your cat to prod with its paws, chase after them and grab them
Long-lasting enjoyment: the balls cannot fall out and will travel continuously around their tracks
Trains the senses: encourages intelligence, agility and reactions
Eliminates boredom: a versatile toy that can keep your cat entertained even when you are out
Colours: grey, lilac, turquoise
Removable balls: can be arranged across one or more levels
Material: plastic

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