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ANIFORTE PureNature Fine Turkey


PureNature Fine Turkey is a tasty & complete cat feed with a high turkey meat, heart and offal content of 97%. This is balanced with a mixture of vegetables and other essential ingredients such as Omega-3 and spirulina. It is grain- and additive-free.

Benefits, Composition & Feeding Recommendation
Benefits of PureNature Fine Turkey:

? 97% meat content

? Premium quality ingredients, manufactured according to food standards

? No artificial additives

? Contains pure, natural Omega-3 extract

PureNature Fine Turkey – what’s in the tin?

PureNature Fine Turkey is a premium complete and quality single protein feed for cats. It contains a high percentage of fresh meat, heart, and healthy offal, which are supplied raw under stringent quality controls and cooked gently. No artificial additives are used. All our PureNature wet feed types contain a pure, natural extra portion of Omega-3 extract to support the cardiovascular system. Natural vitamins and minerals such as seaweed calcium are added to create a complete feed for your cat.

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